21-Day Spring Cleanse

It’s that time of year again. Actually, it begins today! This is the spring cleanse I recommend for those of us living in the Northeast US. Charlotte Clews is geeky, fun, and accessible. You won’t be sorry who join us.

Update: it’s a good practice to get out the old and organize what one keeps:


Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes – Marjorie Nass

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes

In preparing for my right shoulder surgery, following the personalized suggestions of Charlotte Clews for an anti–inflammatory diet, I went grain–free for six weeks. I also participated in a pilot of ReadySetRecover™. You might imagine my glee at a “mashup” or portmanteau of these ideas when Marjorie Nass, with whom I had worked in the pilot, posted this recipe to Facebook.

I would probably adapt this to be vegan, probably by adding garbanzo bean flour with oil as an egg substitute, and using coconut oil instead of ghee. But that’s all part of the folk process, as Marjorie suggests in her post. Have a look!

I posted the picture below on Instagram and Facebook and got so many requests for the recipe it seemed to deserve an official post.

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Vegan Holiday Main Dish: Mushroom-Chickpea-Hazelnut Tart

To be introduced to this dish by my yoga teacher Sara Davidson Flanders, was perhaps the first delight of 2015. I love chickpeas, and hazelnuts, and to me, they are similarly shaped, which is usually part of the whole experience. This is savory, satisfying and festive. Even though the holidays are “behind us,” it’s never too late to celebrate by making this. Bon appétit!

This Mushroom-Sage-Hazelnut-Chickpea Tart is your vegan main dish for your holiday season dinner. Christmas-approved recipe. The number one question I have been getting lately is “Kathy! I really want an amazing vegan main dish for Christmas dinner, any ideas for me?” My usual answer is to refer you guys to my entrees section of my recipe index, or this holiday menu, or the holiday section of FindingVegan.com or other amazing recipes online. But this year, I have to suggest this recipe, I made it last week and after one bite I was swooning. With green veggies and red pepper on top, this Christmas-y recipe is your vegan main dish solution to holiday feasting!..

Holiday Tarts. I adore pot pies and tarts for main dish entrees. They are elegant, easy to serve and make-ahead approved! You can easily slice them like pies and serve to guests in an elegant way. I have long loved Dreena Burton’s famous holiday chickpea tart. I send that link to friends and family all the time. So I decided I wanted to make my own amazing vegan tart-style main dish for the holidays. And boom, a new menu tradition was born.

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